Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tools of the Web - Dropbox

Hi there! Here I am coming with the second post of a useful tool you might consider to use on the World Wild Web of our days. It is none other than a the backup service called Dropbox. I was already dealing with it already in my Dropbox startup post, but to mention a tool like this twice is always worth wile.

In short, Dropbox is a file hosting service which creates a backup of your most important files with 0 (zero) additional effort from your side. As you save your files to your HDD they are saved in the cloud as well, given that you save it in a designated folder on your disk. It gives a warm feeling that everything is in a reasonably safe place in case something happens to the hardware. By saying this I am still not comfortable with the thought of a truck crushing my laptop or any other nasty things happening to it, at least I know that files are secure.

There are other useful sides of it as a very easy file sharing capacity, just by storing files in the "Public" folder and copying the link to it.
I also made use of the undelete functionality. :) This would be actually a very desperate situation if I don't have Dropbox on my side :) One day I managed to overwrite approx. 3000 lines of Fortran code with a blank file. Bad-bad thing... I had the previous version somewhere else as well, but in the current one I invested a day of work, so I would be very unhappy to loose it. With the Box I just went to the website and restored the previous version :) Just beautiful!

As always there is a nice video telling all the details, so I include it here as well:

If you want to try it out, here is an invitation link which should give some additional space to both of us :)

Note: I put together a short list of topics for the "Tools of the Web" which I intend to write up here. The reason of coming out with Dropbox now was mainly because of a comment/suggestion on Facebook (thank you Frederik!). Also I would like to thank to REAL for expanding the RSS feed topic :)
If you also have any suggestions for any other goodies, let me know by commenting below.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tools of the Web - RSS Feeds

I have some time while the Survival Kit finishes, so I thought I could write a quick blog post... I was thinking to review the tools I am using in my everyday "Web life" or the ones that I use only occasionally, but find useful. So I guess this is a good day to start. I am intentionally not calling this a series, as it might look silly in a retrospective (e.g. in a year time) to have a "series" with only 2 parts...

The first tool I find pretty useful are the so called "feeds". I like to think that they bring the Web to you, instead of the necessity for you to visit all your favorite sites "personally". Not to mention the fact that I tend to forget the names of the sites (given that there are approx. quadrillion of them). So keeping everything in the feed reader is a good idea. It is there all the time, it is up to date all the time.

My reader of choice is the Google Reader, don't know really why. I think it is as good as the rest and comes with the Google account. So this way I keep everything at one place...

Note: If you are wondering what the RSS feed is, just watch this short video

After I wrote this post, I was starting to think if I dealt with the "feed" topic in this blog... I have found out that nearly a year ago I was writing the Next blog, next feed post dealing with a similar thing, but at that time finding similar blogs to the ones of your interest.

Question to YOU: Do you have any suggestion for some other nice Web tool?