Monday, December 20, 2010

Dropbox startup

Today I got an invitation for a service called Dropbox from Gregor. It is basically an online storage/backup service and a possible way to share files. Part of my work is programming in Fortran and R, what I do on my office computer and laptop. Because of this I have my files on both of them, often in a different stage, so I always had to think which one is newer, or even if I knew, I had to send it via email or USB drive to the other computer... And as soon as I did some modifications, the version on the other computer was already obsolete...

This is now officially over.

This wonderful application created a folder on my computer, and whatever I move in there appears also on my other computer as well. It is just beautiful :) ! It also has an undelete and undo option, which might come handy in the future.

What I also did is that I set the working directory of R directly to this share folder, so any time I write a piece of code, it is saved, backuped and transferred to my other computer, but also accessible from any other place. Everything with one click.

The service is free offering 2GB of storage space at the beginning. If you want to try it out, you can consider to do it via this invitation link, which gives you (and me) an extra 250MB storage space. This is an obvious "candy" from the developers for getting more users in, but in this case it is really worth it.

See the introductory video on Youtube:

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