Thursday, February 10, 2011

Animal Breeding in the Digital World - Year 2

It has been almost a year I have presented my view on the animal breeding in the context of our age, in particular the opportunities of social media and services available on the Internet. This led to the blog post Animal Breeding in the Digital World.

Nothing really happened since then. I was using the same services, discovered some more, but nothing really happened in terms of making a team devoted to get various sources of information together on a page/service/resource accessible to everybody. There are many sites that deal with information that might be of interest of people interested in animal breeding (various aspects from development to genomics). But the situation is that there is no "collection" which could be used a a central place for the navigation in relevant and interesting sites, even when you don't know what are you looking for. Of course there are blogs such a Gregor's, International Agriculture and Development, a bunch of FAO sites and many many other, but I think these are "well hidden" from the sight of animal breeders. I am pretty sure that there are many interesting places I don't know about.

I always thought it would be nice to create such a place. With some planning and a few people it could be a decent place to look for other interesting sites. Sort of an "Animal Breeding Hub". I think about this some time now, but I never said it out loud... But now I am going to try to get some people together who might be interested. Don't know what is going to happen. We will see...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time management

One of the best presentations I have ever seen. Actually I watched it multiple times, and tried to follow the advices as well. I implemented the structured to-do list some months ago, and it seems to work fine. At least makes me think how important the respective tasks are. 

Here is the video on Youtube:

There are some other blog posts with similar topic. I am sure that there is a lot more in this topic out there, so if you know about something, just comment below.

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