Sunday, March 13, 2011

Animal Breeding and Genetics Hub

After a some time I am here again to write a few lines.

I was busy recently to set up the Animal Breeding and Genetics Hub website together with Gregor Gorjanc. This was in fact the direct consequence of my previous post where I outlined the idea. The blog post went straitly to Facebook with an additional message/question if somebody is interested in this. Gregor was answering quite quickly, so we started to build the project right there.

The site was officially announced via AGDG and DAD-Net mailing lists with the announcement text, as shown here. This triggered almost immediate response. People started to show up in surprisingly big numbers. I really did not expected something like that. I could not do anything else just stare to the map showing the incoming connections. The feedback was very positive as well. It was a great feeling!

The first picture shows the incoming connections on 3rd March 2011 at 11.07, just 8 minutes after the initial post appeared on the AGDG mailing list (The entire traffic is through AGDG, as the message on DAD-Net appeared just early afternoon.) The picture below shows the current status, as of 13th March 2011.