Thursday, August 25, 2011

One week, five countries

Most of the time I try to post some stuff here that might be interesting to some of you (or at least I hope). But as you might have noticed I write some “personal” notes as well from time to time, about things that I want to keep in mind or not want to forget. This post is one of the personal ones as well.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit 5 European countries in 7 daysIt was a nice experience worth to remember, so I am posting it here with some accompanying photos.

Monday: Munich, Germany – actually I was the whole previous week there on the Synbreed Summer School The lake was not integral part of the  course, but I like the photo :) My work... One of the best so far I guess...
Monday evening: Wageningen, The Netherlands – The EMABG Welcome event was running, and I had 2 presentations there. Good time! (p.s. This is the main building of the animal breeding people there, but they will move to new locarion soon dubbed as the "New Zodiac", so likely it was my last visit in this building.)
Thursday: Vienna, Austria – I spent the shortest time here from the 5, basically landing by plane going through the city to the train station, but it counts ;)

Thursday evening: Slovakia – home sweet home

Friday: Budapest, Hungary – finally some leisure trip with my family to the Tropicarium (said to be the biggest in central Europe) 

Sunday: Slovakia, a "ranch" neaby Galanta. Family time again :)

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