Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learning Python

Today I started to learn a new programming language, Python. The reason for this extra activity is that I am attending the Synbreed Summer School "Next Generation Sequence Analysis: Practice and Departure to New Frontiers". In the requrements they said that knowledge of Linux and a scripting language (e.g. Phyton) is required. I am so-so with Linux but had zero idea about Python until today. Also because it is not sure if I coud get away with my current knowledge, and might well be that we will be bombarded by Python for 8 days, I thought I should have a look at it...

First stop was of course the site-that-knows-everything and the Python wiki. I realized quite quickly that there is a lot of the stuff online as usual, so I used the wiki on hints of installing Python to my notebook and went right over to Youtube. There I have found last years Google Python class (the first video of the two days course below + support materials).
Also there was a longer series of short videos dealing with introduction to Python - video attached. Looks good as well. First I will go through this one and then see what the Google-guy says. A bit of repeating does not hurt, especially when one want to learn something...

Here are the introductory videos to the two series. By chance do you know about other sources or sites with some nice example codes?

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